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Agency Leads is a groundbreaking software that provides accurate, qualified staffing industry client leads for sales and account executives across any industry.

Created by top sales performers in the industry and built by experienced recruiting professionals, it gives you the inside scoop into your competitors’ playbooks and sends you the leads you need to close all at a fraction of the time and cost it normally takes.

Agency Leads Combines Experience, Efficiency, and Effectiveness in one User-Friendly Platform.

Whether you specialize in providing independent contractors for financial services, staffing contact centers for IT support, or managing MSPs for large tech companies, Agency Leads’ targeted approach offers a smart and affordable way to save your sales team time while significantly improving their success rate.

Grow Faster, Increase Efficiency, and Close More Business with Companies That Have Used Agencies in the Past.

Agency Leads provides a constantly updated database of job postings along with the relevant company leads, along with showing you what kind of talent companies are looking for, and which companies are using your competitors or have done so in the past.

Thanks to this increased efficiency, your sales team can use this information to contact the right point person at the right company at the right time allowing them to close more deals and your company to grow faster.

Get Sales Agency Leads Delivered in Real-Time Right to Your Computer, Laptop, or Device.

The staffing industry is highly competitive especially when it comes to in-demand tech talent. The sooner you know about a company’s talent needs, the sooner your sales team can reach out with a proposal. That’s why Agency Leads has a built-in Sales Ticker feature that provides new leads live to the very minute, giving you a head start on your competition.